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What is Paint the Town Teal?

Every 73 seconds someone in the United States will be sexually assaulted.

Every 9 minutes, that person is a child. 

This April EVE is inviting you to help us Paint the Town Teal in honor of the 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


Sexual assault often leaves survivors feeling isolated and alone.

"Will anyone believe me?"

"Is it my fault?" 

"Will I ever feel okay again?"

But, you can help ease that isolation- even from six feet away. Teal is the official color of recognition for sexual assault awareness and by displaying this color you are showing survivors they are not alone, you believe them, and you support them. Join people all over Lansing this April and show survivors that you believe them, that they are not alone, and that #LansingBelievesSurvivors.

You get to decide how you want to help! You can decorate your storefront or windows with messages or designs of support, use chalk and decorate the sidewalk outside, hang up a sign with encouraging words, display a teal ribbon on a tree, lampost, or wherever you choose. Every little bit helps and shows survivors we support them!

We Believe You in window
Sidewalk Chalk Message
Light pole with teal ribbon

Want to share your support? Send a photo of how you Painted the Town Teal to: 

to have your business, group, or team featured on our social media.

Click to download our Paint the Town Teal Coloring Pages to show your support!

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